2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 086 – Seeing Red


I wanted to rant and rave…


I wanted to come out here with my little soap box and talk a big show about this and that politically in the United States, but I’ve decided against it.

I don’t want to do that ever again, actually.

You see, there have been a lot of changes in my life over the last year or so, but one of the biggest is that I don’t really like being angry anymore. Yes, once upon a time that was the state that I thought gave me the most positive push into action, just as I once believed that depression fueled my creativity and inspired me to write and draw. Self-discipline and constant practice have schooled me against those things now.

You see, I’ve found a new emotional stillness in writing and drawing. What was once a chaotic world filled with emotional tempests has receded into my mind and become so foreign to my current views on creation that I simply can’t do work worth sharing while I’m under the powerful sway of my own emotions.

I did write the rant, you see. It was close to 1000 words long and called for a renouncing of Political Parties in the United States and a call for each citizen to educate themselves on the issues instead of allowing “News Entertainment” networks to decide what you need to know.

There was a clever joke there comparing Fox News/MSNBC to the WWE, by the way, something along the lines of “News Entertainment is about as honest as Sports Entertainment.” I’m having a hard time remembering it because I’m having a hard time remember anything I wrote and did not read again before deleting.

Emotion burning writing doesn’t necessarily lead to memorable, emotion filled writing.

I would much rather write with a calm mind and a cool head. I’d rather lead my readers to feel emotions than to thrust my emotions onto them against their will.

That’s really the goal, I think, as a writer and blogger.

I want everyone out there to feel something big and powerful.

I think it makes us all better.

So, there, I’m getting down off my soap box now.

Have a lovely weekend.

2 thoughts on “2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 086 – Seeing Red

  1. Inkytwig says:

    Removes head from neck and shakes it, peers inside. Can you read my mind, Matt? So often you say exactly what I am thinking. Great post. I love how you put things.

    1. I can actually, and you need to drink more water, Missy!

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