#DailyDoodle – 100 Creatures 52 – Nymph

I have to admit, I have a bit of a grumpy spot when it comes to the portrayal of the Nymph in modern culture. We almost always associate the nymph with hardcore sexy fun times. While it isn’t an inaccurate description, Nymphs are Greek nature spirits after all,  it just isn’t a complete description.

Almost all the nature spirits in Greek Mythology were constantly boning. Probably because if you spend any time watching nature, animals are constantly boning.

It’s the way of the wilds.

Nymphs were demonized for this in later cultures because they also represented feminine freedom to enjoy life… and hanky panky.

Mostly, though, Nymphs were associated with Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. If you have even a remote familiarity with Artemis, then you probably already know that she was pretty hardcore and badass.

I would not mess with an entire set of spirits that hunted things with her. Especially since common hunting targets include both Giant Monsters, and Men.

Seriously. Think about that the next time you blatantly misuse mythology for your own cultural bias.


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