2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 012 – Insanity

Drawing - Matt in a straight jacket, drawn to resemble a combination of the Joker and Hannibal Lecter.

I think I should probably share a little bit about this doodle. One of my biggest fears is that I might one day snap and just go barrel of crackers on the world. You see, it might seem like a silly fear, that you might just one day wake up and be a sociopath, but that’s the type of fear a guy who might secretly be a sociopath experiences, right?

Anyway, developing Dissociative Disorder is one of those things that on my list of stupid fears.

But, still…


Also, the red ink is all done with my left hand. Go left hand, Go!

Update: As part of my 2018 Better Nerd Project, I have started streaming myself drawing every weeknight on Twitch. I decided to redo the 100 Drawing Challenge to get back in the habit.

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